Sell in May and go away? Or shall we stay? - There are always lots of questions, SeasonalCharts has answers: Precise seasonal charts actually show how Dow & Co trend during the course of the year.

Whether professional or private: You can spot seasonal trends at a glance. More than one-hundred seasonal charts are available in the above menu free-of-charge.

Dow Jones Performance seasonal


Winter months
Summer months

Sources: Dow Jones,
own calculations

Saisonalität schnell dargelegt

Humbug - or is there some truth to it? Answers to questions such as these can be found in the FAQ section, under Strategies and under Saisonality.

Detailed information about seasonality, seasonal charts and seasonal investing: This article (PDF 2,5MB - 0,5MB) from the Traders' Magazine provides a solid introduction.

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